Free Enterprise

Free Enterprise Matters.  Our Country was founded on Capitalism and has thrived under its principles since the days of the Founding Fathers.  Yet, instead of encouraging entrepreneurs, the current administration is killing us with higher corporate taxes and endless regulations.  The problem we face is where are the tax dollars going?  We demand accountability for all tax dollars spent.  We are not averse to supporting our government through taxes, but the government isn’t spending our hard earned money wisely.  Recent scandals in the GSA, Secret Service, the IRS and ICE are clear examples of this abysmal fiscal management.  Raising taxes on us, the job creators, to fund government excess and calling it “fairness” has got to stop.  The Obama/Reagan video to the left depicts this point perfectly, as does the one below.


Remember when Obama said, “You didn’t Build Your Business?” Many Politicians think Big Government is more important than Small Businesses to our Economy. (Watch this Video)