The “Right to Vote Task Force” recently made recommendations that were being considered by the Montgomery County (MD) Council. The lengthy document made 59 recommendations that the Task Force felt would increase voter turnout and participation.
     As you will see, the Recommendations include same day voter registration, as well as allowing 16 and 17 year olds and non-citizens to register and vote. Dozens of concerned citizens attended a hearing in September to voice their strong opposition.  Although the hearing was recorded and set to be broadcast, it has not yet been posted to the County Council’s website.  The two-part DVR copy of the public hearing can be found here and here.
     Please plan to attend the follow up work session currently scheduled for 2pm on Monday, October 13 at 100 Maryland Avenue, 7th Floor, in Rockville.  There will not be an opportunity to speak at this session but citizens are encouraged to attend to stay informed about what is being discussed regarding possible changes to Montgomery County and Maryland election law. If you cannot attend, you can send an email to: Please note that correspondence sent to this email will become part of the official public record.
     For information on the County Council Agenda and Hearings, please visit